Monday, November 9, 2015

Lions big strike with Levy deal

The finest mistake the Detroit Lions( created within their not successful Ndamukong Suh settlement from a year ago was they let it achieve this year.

This is why it shouldn’t be an unexpected the Lions guaranteed star linebacker DeAndre Levy with a four-year extension today, some seven months before he was absolved to sign with other teams.

Re-signing Levy was the Lions' finest summer season priority, after watching Suh land a six-year, $114-million market-busting deal with the Miami Dolphins this spring, they did not have to let these contract talks drag to the winter.

Lion’s general manager Martin Mayhew mentioned he learned some valuable learning from the Suh discussions though he declined to discuss them freely Tuesday.

Levy introduced the Lions in tackles a year ago after Suh was the team's most impact opponent. He's 270 stops and seven interceptions within the last two seasons, is most likely the very best players not to be available in a Pro Bowl, at 28 years old remains inside the prime of his career.

Mayhew said, "He's a heck of a football player, just a play maker on our defense versus the run and the pass. The guy's an impact player, so we definitely want to keep him on our defense. It's very important to our football team. His leadership is also excellent and professional in every sense of the word, so he has a lot of value to us and he's one of our own guys so we want to definitely keep him around."


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